Our Team

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Amichai Amit

Graduate Assistant (2017)


Amichai Amit is PhD student in philosophy at the University of Chicago. His research concerns the foundations of ethics and normativity. He also has strong interests in the history of philosophy (ancient and German idealism) and existentialism. He previously received an MA in Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University.


Nathan Cornwell

Graduate Assistant (2015-2016)


Nathan Cornwell is a Ph.D. student in philosophy at the University of South Carolina. His research is in practical philosophy, especially at the intersection between ethics and the philosophy of action. He received his B.A. in Philosophy from Franciscan University of Steubenville.


Jennifer A. Frey

Principal Investigator


Jennifer A. Frey is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Carolina.  Prior to joining the philosophy faculty at USC, she was a Collegiate Assistant Professor of Humanities at the University of Chicago, where she was a member of the Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts and an affiliated faculty in the philosophy department.  She earned her PhD in philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, and her B.A. in Philosophy and Medieval Studies (with Classics minor) at Indiana University-Bloomington. Her research lies at the intersection of philosophy of action and ethics, with a particular focus on the Aristotelian-Thomist tradition. Read more about Jennifer Frey on our Scholars page.

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Jaime Hovey

Associate Program Director


Jaime Hovey has taught literature, writing, and gender studies in Chicago since 1998, has a Ph. D. in literature from Rutgers and a J.D. from the University of Illinois, and is the author of A Thousand Words: Portraiture, Style, and Queer Modernism (Ohio State University Press, 2006) and other articles on queerness and literature. She is interested in queer virtue, most recently in “Tyrion’s Gallantry,” Critical Quarterly 57:1 (April 2015) 86-98.

Jaime Hovey on The Virtue Blog.


Christian Kronsted

Graduate Assistant (2016)


Christian Kronsted has a masters in the humanities from The University of Chicago. He teaches philosophy with the City Colleges of Chicago, and is an aspiring PhD candidate. Besides philosophy, Christian has spent the last fifteen years break-dancing competitively. He has traveled across the globe competing, teaching, and performing, and has taught classes on the philosophy of urban dance. Christian's interests in philosophy are in personal identity, philosophy of mind, and the intersection between philosophy and disability studies. He is also interested in the role of play and playfulness in connection with meaning and happiness. 

Colloquium Magazine interviews Christian Kronsted on Breaking and philosophy.  


Zack Loveless

Graduate Assistant (2016)


Zachary Loveless is PhD student in philosophy at the University of Chicago. His research interests are in the history of philosophy and moral action. He was previously educated at Southern Union Junior College and Auburn University.


Santiago Mejia

Graduate Assistant (2015-2016)


Santiago Mejia is a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Occidental College. His research concerns moral development and self-transformation. For the past few years he has been focusing on investigating the role that self-examination and self-knowledge play in the development of virtue. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Chicago.  He previously received a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Los Andes.

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Adam Omelianchuk

Graduate Assistant (2016-2017)


Adam Omelianchuk is a Ph.D. student in philosophy at the University of South Carolina. His research is in Medical Ethics, Ethical Theory, and Metaphysics. He is currently writing his dissertation in defense of the "dead-donor" rule. He received his M.A. in Philosophy from Biola University.

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Candace Vogler

Principal Investigator, Director


Candace Vogler is the David B. and Clara E. Stern Professor of Philosophy and Professor in the College at the University of Chicago.  She has authored two books, John Stuart Mill's Deliberative Landscape: An essay in moral psychology (Routledge, 2001) and Reasonably Vicious (Harvard University Press, 2002), and essays in ethics, social and political philosophy, philosophy and literature, cinema, psychoanalysis, gender studies, sexuality studies, and other areas.  Her research interests are in practical philosophy (particularly the strand of work in moral philosophy indebted to Elizabeth Anscombe), practical reason, Kant's ethics, Marx, and neo-Aristotelian naturalism. Read more about Candace Vogler on our Scholars page.

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Valerie Wallace

Associate Director, Communications


Valerie Wallace has worked at the University of Chicago for seven years. Her previous position was Department Coordinator for the Department of Philosophy; before that she was Director of Marketing, Communications, and Administration for Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture. Valerie is also an award winning poet whose work appears in many literary journals. Her first book House of McQueen won the Four Way Books 2016 Intro Prize and is forthcoming in March 2018.