John Haldane to speak on Happiness at the University of South Carolina; live-streamed Dec. 14, 7pm est


COLUMBIA, S.C. - Internationally renown scholar John Haldane will give a lecture at the University of South Carolina on Dec. 14, 2015, as part of a new research project which brings together scholars from around the world to study the factors which lead to deep happiness and meaning in life. Hadane will discuss the growing consensus in the field of positive psychology that virtues are the cornerstone of a happy life. His 7 p.m. lecture will also be live-streamed at

"Professor Haldane is a gifted public speaker and prestigious scholar in philosophy and ethics. I am thrilled he is speaking at our university and excited about the opportunity for our students, faculty, and the broader public in South Carolina to hear him speak," said University of South Carolina Assistant Professor of Philosophy Jennifer A. Frey, a principal investigator with the "Virtue, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life" project associated with Haldane's lecture.

Haldane is professor of philosophy and director of the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs at the University of St. Andrews, and the J. Newton Rayzor, Sr., Distinguished Professor in Philosophy at Baylor University. He has authored dozens of books including "An Intelligent Person's Guide to Religion", "Faithful Reason: Essays Catholic and Philosophical", "Reasonable Faith" and "Atheism and Theism". He has also appeared on several BBC radio and television programs and contributed to the Times, the Daily Telegraph, The Scotsman, and several other outlets.

Made possible by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation, the lecture will take place Monday, Dec. 14, 2015 at 7 p.m., at the University of South Carolina Law School Auditorium, 701 Main St., Columbia, and will be followed by  a reception. The event is free and open to the public. Registration is requested, though not required. For more information, visit